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About MOVA

Manitoba Organization For Victim Assistance Inc. (MOVA) is a Non-Profit Corporation and a Registered Charity which has been in existence since 2000. The organization consists of people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to murder and empathic people who have witnessed the effects on family and have a desire to help. 


As victims helping victims, we endeavour to provide a support system through court support, phone support and group sharing sessions. We also try to make the public aware of the Victims’ Bill of Rights in Manitoba and the experience of family survivors of homicide as they travel through the court system and probation. 


We recognize the long term financial and emotional costs for victims and society and continue to relay those needs through meaningful dialogue with the Justice Department. We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the Government of Manitoba Department of Justice, the Government of Canada Department of Justice and the generous donations made by individuals who recognize the long-term costs to society and individuals as a result of homicide.  

Our Vision: Victim Centered Justice

Losing a loved one through murder is a devastating experience that is difficult for the average person to understand.  It is truly a unique bond that we, survivors of homicide, share.  This shared experience allows us to understand and support each other through the long journey of healing.  MOVA was created through this vision of victims helping victims and an overriding belief in the importance of a justice system sensitive to the rights and needs of victims.

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Our Mandate


Our organization’s mandate is to support family survivors of homicide victims, help increase public awareness about victims’ rights and work with government to enhance and expand legislation, policies and programs that serve crime victims. Whether you find yourself beginning the complex process through the criminal justice system or you want to talk about your story and find comfort in sharing with others, MOVA members are here for you when you need a shoulder to lean on.

About the MOVA logo


Our logo focuses on the mission of MOVA, “victims helping victims”.  The three figures form a unified force that represents the strength derived from the understanding, compassion and support of others. The sphere is a strong shape that symbolizes a continuum of hope and resources for victims of crime. It is also a protective symbol, and the openings in the sphere suggest an organization that welcomes new people.

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