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The right to submit and read one’s Victim Impact Statement in court is a powerful opportunity to put into public record how the victim’s family has been affected by the murder of their loved one.  This is also the first opportunity for the family to voice these feelings in front of the defendant(s) after a guilty verdict.

There are guidelines in the province of Manitoba; however, each statement is unique and personal to the victim presenting it.  Often, victims are uncertain as to what they are able to say and how they might express their feelings.   
If you would like some help in preparing your Victim Impact Statement please contact us.

A Personal Choice

Writing a Victim Impact Statement is a personal choice.   Not every victim chooses to write one.  Some victims submit a statement, but do not wish to read it in court.   Each victim is different and each will make decisions based on what best serves their needs in the grief journey. 

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