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Board and Staff

At MOVA we feel strongly that the voices of victims are integral to meeting our mandate and should always be represented where possible.

Board Members


Frank Cormier | Board Chair

Member 2016-Present












Olivia Peters | Vice Chair

Member: 2018 - present

Stuart Davies | Treasurer

Member: - present

Lori Lamb

Member: 2018- present

Janine Gosselin

Board Member: May 2019 - present

MOVA Member: 2011 - present


Karen Wiebe 

Executive Director: 2015 - present

Board Member: 2011 - 2015

MOVA Member: 2003 - present

Since 1995, Frank has taught Sociology and Criminology at the University of Manitoba and in First Nations communities across northern Manitoba. He worked for six years as an independent justice consultant, completing projects for numerous government and NGO clients. More recently Frank was a senior associate at a private-sector research and consulting firm, designing and managing research and evaluation projects for clients including Justice Canada, the Winnipeg Police Service, Saskatchewan Justice, the Correctional Service of Canada, and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. He rejoined The University of Manitoba full-time in 2003 to take over the position of Criminology Field Coordinator (now titled Criminology/Sociology Research Practicum Coordinator). Frank is committed to public sociology, and is happy to be able to make a contribution to supporting surviving victims of homicide by serving on the MOVA board of directors.

Janine has a Commerce degree with a double major in Accounting & Human Resources and currently works as a Corporate Accountant with a transport company. She has always valued her time with family & friends and has even more since 2011 - the senseless murder and rape of her 73 year old Grand-mother Elizabeth Lafantaisie. After her life was shattered, it was difficult to pick up the pieces and it was the help of MOVA that helped her family get through some of the difficult times such as grief support, understanding the court process and victim rights. Becoming a board member was a "heavy" decision but she felt it was a great way to give back to support other families.

Olivia Peters holds a Masters Degree in Sociology and Criminology from the University of Manitoba. Since 2016, Olivia has worked as a research analyst on local and national projects focusing on domestic violence and homicide prevention, specifically focusing on Indigenous populations in Canada. Olivia has a passion for creating meaningful research and does so through interviewing victims of violence and family members of homicide victims. She believes that the voices of victims should be central to public policy. In addition to her involvement with MOVA, Olivia volunteers with Snowflake Place for Children and Youth Inc., an organization that facilitates investigative interviews for child victims of abuse. To her, MOVA represents a strong and compassionate community of advocacy for victims. 

Karen became involved with MOVA after the murder of her son, TJ, on January 5, 2003. The then Executive Director and Founder, Darlene Remple-Fillion, supported her family through the trial and beyond. Since then she has felt that it was her turn to give back. When she retired from teaching, she became MOVA’s Executive Director. 

Interested in being a board member? Contact for more information.

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