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Manitoba Organization for Victim Assistance

Mr. Dave Gaudreau (St. Norbert): Mr. Speaker, losing a loved one is always an incredibly difficult time; losing a loved one to murder is a devastating experience that is difficult for the average person to understand. MOVA, the Manitoba Organization for Victim Assistance, knows this. Some of their members have joined us here in the gallery today.


      MOVA understands that when you're coping from–with this kind of tragedy, those with a shared experience can be great support throughout the healing process.


      The volunteers and members of MOVA are guided through their motto Victims Helping Victims. MOVA members are always available for those who need someone to lean on.


      Beyond supporting the families of homicide victims, MOVA also works to increase public awareness around victims' rights. They work with the provincial and federal governments to enhance and expand legislation that help victims of crime.


      At the end of April, during the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, MOVA held a walk in honour of those loved ones taken too soon

 About 100 people marched from The Forks to our Legislative Building where they gathered for a short program. Many carried signs with the name, birth date and the death date of the loved ones that they lost.


      During the program, I spoke to the crowd about my own experience. In 2008, my friend Shannon Scromeda was taken by domestic violence. Her death left a hole in all of our lives, in her family and friends' lives. Shannon was a loving mother and a caring friend who is missed by many.


      Losing a loved one to murder is a traumatic experience. It is great that MOVA is available to support and guide families and their friends as they navigate the justice system and cope with their losses. Thank you to the Manitoba Organization for Victim Assistance for being here today and all the great work you do. 


      In the gallery we are joined by Karen Wiebe, Floyd Wiebe, Stuart Davis and Darlene Rempel‑Fillion.


      Thank you.

Manitoba Legislature

Member's Statement - Dave Gaudreau

May 12, 2015

From Left: Stuart Davis, Floyd Wiebe, Karen Wiebe,

Darlene Rempel-Fillion (MOVA Founder) & MLA Dave Gaudreau

On May 12, MOVA was recognized in the Manitoba Legislature by

MLA Dave Gaudreau. It truly was an honour. Every MLA gave a standing ovation to the work MOVA does. It was a truly humbling experience.

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