Sunday, May 26 , 2019

MOVA Annual Walk in

Remembrance of Victims of Homicide

held in conjunction with the

Federal Department of Justice - Victims Week

"The Power of Collaboration"

Victims and families of homicide victims will gather at The Forks in Winnipeg.

We will walk down Broadway with a

Winnipeg Police Service escort to the Manitoba Legislature Buildings.

Where there will be a program featuring the stories of victims of homicide

presented by family members

2:00 pm  Leave the Forks Market

2:30  pm Arrive Legislative Building

2:35  Program Commencing at the Legislative  Building Front Steps

2:55  Move to rear of the Legislative Building

3:00  Program of Dedication in MOVA Flower Bed

3:30  Program Finishes

If you have a loved one whom has lost his/her life through homicide,

and would like to participate in the Program of Dedication

by placing his/her name in the MOVA Flower Bed,

Please notify us by May 23. 2019 by calling 204-831-8950

or by email  to


MOVA thanks the Canadian Federal Government for full financial support of our walk


durimg the Victims of Crime Awareness Week.


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Gathering at The Forks